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Welcome To Edible Beaute

Self-Care Classes | Creative Entrepreneurship training | Plant-Based Skincare | Community Health + Wellness | Consultation + coaching

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Our community

Wellness is the actively pursued goal of health, wellbeing, and resilience. Our mantra: plant-based health, education, and wellness is revolutionary because when you are strong and resilient, you have the endurance to weather fear and pain, and the strength to be an advocate for love and peace. We practice what we preach: Laena teaches wellness classes on a weekly basis, from Self-Care to Mindfulness Meditation to Lacto-Fermentation to How to Start a Creative + Holistic Business.

Laena also offers support and guidance through private consultation, with a focus on women's reproductive health; everything from PCOS to pregnancy to postpartum resilience. 

Want to make friends and learn more about skincare, all-natural perfume, herbs, and wellness? Join the Self-Care Social Club.


food for mind + body

We craft skincare, tinctures, and tonics in small batches with organic, healing, herb-infused oils at our studio in Brooklyn, NY. Everything we make is 100% plant based and made with edible, food-grade oils (i.e., regulated and real): we use ancient techniques combined with modern science to harness our ingredients' healing properties and support real beauty that is natural and nutritive vs synthetic and toxic. Everything we do is 100% transparent: our ingredients are edible, simple, and minimal. 

The magic comes with the time and care in our craft, and the community advocacy we practice teaching our craft to others. Contact us for more information on our products, support, advice and consultation.

Shop online for hand-packaged gifts of wellness, health, and beauty.


our mission

It's not Tricky. 

wellness is more than just a formula, it's an actively pursued goal.

It's A simple conscious shift.

 the simpler your routine the better. and fewer limitations + fewer ingredients = More room for good. Our classes, skincare, and support network is transformative, effective, easy, and made for everyone.

It's about feeding you.

Our products are 100% plant based. our process is 100% transparent.
We only use real, natural ingredients that are certified organic or sourced from local family farms. 
We share our process through community classes + workshops.

It's empowering and radical.

The health, food & beauty industry needs a revolution. we are those rebels, a small group of real people just like you: we want support, services, and products that really work and we don’t want to feel bullied or shamed.
join us in Subverting the beauty & food empire.

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